[Post Game Thread] The Brooklyn Nets (18-12) defeat the Phoenix Suns (17-10), 128 – 124




[–]Suns Aether42 14 指標 2小時前

That’s embarrassing


[–]Suns playerayton 12 指標 2小時前

Hope y'all went to sleep


[–]Raptors pinhead-l 7 指標 2小時前

Nah we here


[–][HOU] James Harden yayimamerican 7 指標 2小時前

Bruh I missed the game because Texas can't provide us with electricity


[–]Suns HSPumbloom 394 指標 1 小時前

I almost forgot they were the Suns.


[–]Lakers ayya12345 40 指標 1小時前

they are who we THOUGHT they were


[–]Suns dasecondcomin2 50 指標 1小時前

And the nets bench thought they were the 2017 warriors in the 2nd half


[–]Suns HarukiMuracummy 36 指標 2小時前

Every Suns fan would rather face a full strength team than Wizards, OKC, Det, or Uncle Jeff Nets


[–][BRK] Caris LeVert MolingHard 26 指標 1小時前

Thing is no one had that crazy of an outlier except TLC. Green has been shooting like that all season and Shamet had a rough start acclimating but is shooting 50% this month. Joe Harris had a pretty standard game.

Tyler Johnson just got into the rotation like 2 games ago and has been solid and he definitely wanted to show out vs his old squad haha.



[–]Suns dasecondcomin2 10 指標 1小時前

You’re probably right, but in that 2nd half they definitely all shot above their averages x2. They couldn’t shoot better on a shooting machine.


[–][BRK] Caris LeVert MolingHard 14 指標 1小時前

Yea it was their best group performance as a bench by far, they usually look kinda clueless without one of the stars in with them too, so I was definitely surprised.

Also, I think the Suns defensive effort was way less in the 2nd half, and then in crunch time CP3 absolutely murdered it, but since no one but him touched the ball for a bit everyone else looked a little off.



[–]New Jersey Nets FadeAhmedFade 53 指標 2小時前

Nets going undefeated this road trip would send a fucking message. Lakers and clippers games coming up should be good, wish AD was playing


[–]Celtics bkealey 11 指標 1小時前

Not trying to sound bitter but it’s the hospital clippers and lakers


[–]New Jersey Nets FadeAhmedFade 7 指標 1小時前

Yea I'm super bummed they are missing players. Was looking forward to these matchup for a while but they should still be good, and Nets are on a long road trip which def takes its toll on players


[–]Mavericks JeremyJammDDS 6 指標 2小時前

Forget defense. When healthy, who is going to outscore a healthy nets team? I honestly don’t see how they aren’t the favorites.



[–]Nets BennButton 10 指標 2小時前

James Harden is out of his mind. Amazing clutch three. 12-0 run. Down 21 at the break? No problem. Nets CAN play D. Resilience in their blood.


[–]Nets MTing1315 17 指標 2小時前*




[–][CHI] Cameron Payne Sim888 78 指標 2小時前


[–]Raptorsimsahoamtiskaw 25 指標 2小時前

Kyrie won't like this


[–][CHI] Cameron Payne Sim888 52 指標 2小時前

Shit, u right!


[–]Raptorsimsahoamtiskaw 3 指標 2小時前



[–]Professional_Peach11 63 指標 2小時前

Houston Harden made a appearance today


[–]ashamedprotein 49 指標 2小時前

He looked at that fourth quarter lineup of Joe Harris, Jeff Green, Landry Shamet, and Tyler Johnson and thought, "Huh, this feels familiar…"


[–]Bulls ivandragostwin 101 指標 2小時前*

In case you forgot that Harden + bunch of decent to mediocre role players = elite offense, this game was for you.

Hearing the takes on his all-star status this week was funny as hell. This dude is 100% the best guard in the East and up there with Curry (edit: I’ll throw in Luka and Dame to not be disrespectful) as the best in basketball.



[–]Nuggets Skrong 51 指標 2小時前

Luka and Dame are not there with him imo. Harden is an absolute phenom.


[–]3830BlockKing 8 指標 2小時前

Wait I thought Harden only had high assists bc of KD and Kryie /s


[–]New Jersey Nets tunamelts2 1 指標 58 分鐘前

Joe Harris the real MVP actually


[–]New Jersey Nets FadeAhmedFade 12 指標 2小時前

Was waiting for this type of game from Harden and that's why I never lost hope even when it looked like a blowout. One bad stretch of games at the beginning of the season and the whole league forgot what the beard is capable of


[–]dropdatdurkadurk 10 指標 2小時前

Only 5 free throws


[–]Magic The_Horse_sized_Duck 8 指標 2小時前

Haters in shambles


[–]Thunder malganis12 3 指標 2小時前

Clubs in Phoenix are about to be LIT


[–]Trail Blazers Familyguy35[ ] 10 指標 2小時前

Is it weird I kinda like Harden now. That Houston red might have been blinding me for years


[–]Clippers theliver 6 指標 2小時前

1 bandwagon ticket please. Ive always loved you Harden dont let my half decade as a hater say otherwise


[–]3830BlockKing42 指標 2小時前

There will be a highlight thread of James Harden at the top of r/nba tomorrow, like Lebron and Steph right guys? Right??


[–]New Jersey Nets dirtybirds1 12 指標 1小時前

Nah he’s not nice like that according to this sub


[–]Raptors foxsleftear 83 指標 2小時前

i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about harden. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol


[–][LAL] Lance Stephenson JoshBarkley 95 指標 2小時前

Hardens the best player on this team


[–]basedyoungling 23 指標 2小時前

Well, yea. KD was out


[–]76ers deeznutz_428 21 指標 2小時前

KD is probably better but he couldn’t do what Harden did in Houston, Hardens combo of scoring and playmaking is just insane


[–][BKN] James Harden Frequent-Meeting8975 8 指標 2小時前

I agree and he should be in the MVP conversation


[–]Raptors Ayy-Man 72 指標 2小時前

Harden can either be the greatest distributor or greatest scorer on this team if he wants and it’s phenomenal


[–]Nets BFWinner 14 指標 2小時前

This is why you get Harden. He's a 1 man army.


[–]Rockets LightSkinDarylMorey 211 指標 2小時前

Lol the East really let Harden team up with KD and Kyrie


[–][HOU] Bob Sura HoustonRocket 121 指標 2小時前

Well yeah, the other teams couldn't disrupt their CuLtUrE…


[–]reddthrowawayaccount 53 指標 2小時前

Heat, Philly and Nuggets looking goofy af right now


[–]Lakers Significant_Night_65 54 指標 2小時前

The Heat especially. "No no no we can't trade Herro and Duncan Robinson"


[–]TampaBay Raptors clam46 12 指標 2小時前

There were fans who didn't want to trade the likes of Tyler Herro, Jamal Murray or Pascal Siakam for James Harden. It's almost like people forgot the man is literally a one man offensive system as we saw for years in Houston.


[–]maverickhistorian 41 指標 2小時前

they was scared harden was gonna take them boys to those miami strip clubs, not even udonis could keep that in order


[–]CliveSui 53 指標 2小時前

But heat is still no 1 in culture so it's okay and herro has the potential to become James harden while James Harden is James Harden.



[–]NBA Chris_Paul_3 113 指標 2小時前

Chris Paul is an all star.


[–]Lakers T_025 6 指標 2小時前

It’s not even a question


[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 150 指標 1小時前

When CP3 made it an 8-point lead I thought the game was sealed. It was his 14th straight point for the team and I figured the Nets were toast. Boy was I wrong.


[–]NBA infrequentredituser 42 指標 1小時前

What you saw tonight was a summation of CP3's clippers stint. Did everything he could and still lost


[–]Raptors Gunmy_Knight 68 指標 1小時前

When he made that deep 3 it was suppose to be over. He was so hot idk what happened


[–][LAC] J.J. Redick Gomar1323 37 指標 1小時前

He makes that amazing shot then they decide to give booker the last shot? Like what


[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 18 指標 1小時前

Point God instincts kicked in and the urge to pass was unavoidable I guess.


[–]Lakers adonisgawd 27 指標 1小時前

Chris Paul on fire late in the 4th

Suns: let’s iso Devon booker instead


[–]NBAinfrequentredituser 18 指標 2小時前

Man had like 4 points in 3 quarters


[–][HOU] James Harden DeuxDR 9 指標 2小時前

for real. there was a suns possession in the last few minutes where cp3 was asking for the ball from book and book didn't even give him a glance lol.


[–]NBA Karfan 12 指標 1小時前

Happens all the time. I really do not get it. But it seems to me that the Suns fans believe that Booker is their best player.


[–]NBA Chris_Paul_3 348 指標 1小時前*

Harden and CP3 went off this game. Imagine if they both played on the same team..


[–]Lakers T_025 19 指標 1小時前

That would break the league. It would take an injury and terrible performance for them to ever lose

湖人球迷:那肯定能摧毁全联盟(¬◡¬) 只有伤病和瞎打才能阻挡他们

[–]San Diego Rockets blueberryy 26 指標 2小時前

The way CP3 played today you could tell he was pissed that Harden made him live in OKC for a year


[–][HOU] Steve Francis 2ToTooTwoFish 16 指標 1小時前

If only CP3 hadn't played unfit and doodoo in 2018-19 and they might still be on the same team. We all thought he had permanently declined. In hindsight, if we knew he still had 2 years of top level basketball, it'd be a no brainer to keep him.


[–]Super 8 magecombat54 4 指標 1小時前

at the time we traded him, i was pissed we lost cp3 for russ but i honestly thought it wasnt a bad deal IF it had been just a straight up swap.

the fact that we gave up 4 FRP tho and the best player in the trade…. really fucking irked me so much.



[–][GSW] Andre Iguodala WarCuntSkyFuck 6 指標 2小時前

Kyrie really brought his lucky stick out for this one


[–]Netsjetopia 43 指標 2小時前

I shut the TV off at halftime. Went to bed with my phone. And HOLY SHIT MY WIFE IS SO PISSED OFF AT ME.


[–]Jazz Albus-PWB-Dumbledore 15 指標 2小時前

Put her on the phone, we'll talk to her. We got your back


[–]Lakers _Meece_ 9 指標 1小時前

Nets without KD or Kyrie is still a wildly good offensive team. Everyone but DJ on that team can shoot! It's insane.


[–]San Diego Rockets blueberryy 16 指標 1小時前

Suns let the Nets without KD or Kyrie shoot 50% from 3. Harden sliced up that defense


[–]Bucks 98raider 16 指標 2小時前

On a back to back


[–]Thunder onewonyuan 13 指標 1小時前

Harden was obviously the main guy, but don’t forget Joey Buckets and Uncle Jeff.


[–][BRK] Caris LeVert MolingHard 35 指標 2小時前

Harden would of killed for Joe Harris on those Rockets teams. He's like the perfect Harden role player (he'd be great with LeBron or Luka too). Man has like 4 seasons of 40% plus 3 PT shooting, almost at 50% this season, he shoots it at like 55% when he's open, and Harden has assisted him the most out of all his new Nets teammates. He also sets solid screens and hustles, which is just nice to watch.


[–]76ers pagonator 8 指標 1小時前

Harris would literally fit every team in the league. I mean he's probably the second best 3 and D guy in the league after Klay.


[–][BOS] Jaylen Brown OrangeKookie 237 指標 2小時前

ayton 7foot tall and lost a jump ball to jeff green and then immediately gives up a layup to jeff green


[–]ThePickle JarHero 5 指標 2小時前

Is it just me but does Jeff Green look bouncier and more fresh then he did like 4 years ago lol?


[–]Thunder GladAssociation 4 指標 2小時前

Jeff Green at the 5 is a cheat code


[–]New Jersey Nets BasedGodProdigy 66 指標 1小時前

Tyler Johnson and Landry Shamet playing a big part in it too lol who woulda thought


[–]Knicks JenniferLopezFan2 39 指標 1小時前

Shamet was massive down the stretch. Hit that massive up & under lay-in and then played the D that stopped Booker tying the game.


[–][GSW] Andre Iguodala WarCuntSkyFuck 45 指標 2小時前

that Shamet D on Book was textbook.


[–]Nets FultzShoulder 15 指標 1小時前

Booker smoked Ben the other night but got stopped by Shamet of all people lol


[–]Knicks JenniferLopezFan2 165 指標 2小時前

Phoenix had 6 TO's for the game, were shooting like 60% from the field until the final minute, and lost. Like wtf


[–]Warriors AndItsNotCloseNephew 31 指標 2小時前

Biggest choke of the year


[–]ehddwjkl 44 指標 2小時前

The Suns went scoreless in the last 2:48 of the game


[–]Suns Kaderaide 54 指標 2小時前

Everyone besides CP3 was completely pathetic for the entire second half


[–]Raptors imsahoamtiskaw 18 指標 2小時前

Suns went from 64% fgp to 34% in the third. This is not an ideal way to win a basketball game.


[–][BRK] Caris LeVert MolingHard 23 指標 2小時前

Nets fooled them by playing zero defense in the first then actually contesting shots in the second. Completely caught them off guard


[–]SupersonicsZeech360 45 指標 1小時前

Let their foot off the gas too early


[–]Kings StaffordComeback 70 指標 1小時前

They didn’t play any defense. Sorry this is the Nets without Kyrie or KD. You give up 74 in a half you deserve to lose.


[–]Nets Peel_Here 62 指標 1小時前

Lol the nets gave up 75 in the 1H


[–]salcedoge 37 指標 1小時前

Game recognize game


[–]Suns Margravos 12 指標 2小時前

Guys I don't think the Suns are winning it all this year


[–]Suns JG_2214 3 指標 2小時前

No one thinks we’ll be in the final. We should be glad to just make it to the playoffs lol.


[–]Nets Bigbadbuck 4 指標 1小時前

you're still 17-10 lol. That'd be bascally 1st in the east. You guys let up in the second half and it cost u, still a great team.







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